I've been teaching felt making since 2005. My teaching introduces students to a world of expressive techniques available to them through felting.

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Theresa 10 rs.JPG

Sculptural Felted Hats

Prefelt Pad with

Nomad Design 

felted jewelry

Felted Floral Jewelry

Seamless Vest with Marble design

Felted Small Sculptures

felted gloves and mittens rs2.JPG

Felted Gloves and Mittens

ruffle scarf.jpg

Felted Ruffle Scarf 


Felted Sculpted Hats

bombos 2.JPG

3D Surface Design

Lightweight Nunofelted Scarf 

Felted Slippers 

Felted Mosaic Scarf 

Jewelry with

Embedded Beads

Felted Small Bag

Seamless Nunofelt Vest with a Hood


Marbled Design on Nunofelted Seamless Vest 

Rug Flora Carlile-Kovacs 2019 rs.jpg

Felted Rug with

Nomadic Design

How to fix that hopeless problem? 

Troubleshooting techniques