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Prefelt Rug  Class with Nomadic Design 
Rug Flora Carlile-Kovacs 2019 rs.jpg

In Kyrgyzstan, when a daughter got married, her mother and her relatives felted her a rug. Using their ancient symbols they felted her best wishes and good luck into the rug that stayed with her for the rest of her life.
In this workshop, you’ll create a felted rug (approximately 3x5’) with the instructor’s pre-felt technique, using either the several hundred-year-old symbols or creating your very own. 

Come and join us for a two day workshop and learn

  • about the traditional symbols of the rugs

  • about various kinds of wool that felts best rugs

  • how to plan a powerful design

  • how to make your own prefelt with color transitions

  • how to construct and felt a large rug

  • how to turn the soft prefelt into a strong and durable felt

  • some small tricks of the trade that make the felting process easier

and get rewarded with a beautiful felted rug you complete by the end of the class!


Level of student experience required: all levels welcome

Creating a wet felted rug requires good physical condition.


Class Length: 24 hours (4 days)

Flora at work.jpg
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