I knew I had found my medium and, eventually, my life's profession as well, when I learned the most ancient textile technique: felting. After years of experimenting, I began to recognize that there are endless possibilities of working with wool in terms of surface textures, densities and colors, in both two and three dimensions. I explored different grades and qualities of wool and various processes, from the soft, magical silk-and-merino layers of nuno felt to the hard, durable traditional raw-wool felt, in my effort to use these techniques in modern applications. 

Felt-making is painting and sculpture combined. The combinations of colors and the different qualities and applications of wool hold vast possibilities.The textures, forms, and effects which can be obtained through the introduction of 'foreign' materials (i.e.: other textiles, organic materials, wire and metallic thread, beads, stones, etc.) are virtually endless. Felt, as an expressive medium, is conducive to an instinctive and spontaneous creative process. 

Once I had learned to create two dimensional objects, I continued further to explore how to felt objects in three dimensions. I studied how the staple directions of the fibers and the thicknesses of wool influenced the shrinkage and the final shape of an item. Throughout this process, my work has been inspired by the materials I use and the wonderful nature which surrounds us.

I live and work in Seattle, WA.

I`ve been teaching felt making on all levels since 2005 and started leading "Felt Tours to Hungary" in 2016. My teaching introduces students to a world of expressive techniques available to them through felting. In my tours, I take my students further by offering a unique window to the finest felt artists and the many cultural treasures to be experienced in my home country of Hungary.

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