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Hi, I'm Flora

Felt-making is painting and sculpture combined. The combinations of colors and the different qualities and applications of wool hold a vast number of possibilities. By combining layers of various wool and silk fibers and fabrics, an optical color blending can be created. The textures, forms, and effects which can be obtained through the introduction of 'foreign' materials (i.e.: other textiles, organic materials, wire and metallic thread, beads, stones, etc.) are virtually infinite.

Felting is the most ancient textile technique. Combining wool and silk fibers and fabrics with water and soap, vigorous kneading, and creating a durable, dense and strong unwoven material, has been around for millenia. Felt is a natural insulater - both for sound and temperature; fire- and UV resistent; hypo allergenic; and economically sustainable. Felt absorbs harmful particles from the air and is easy to clean.

I find endless inspiration in nature and in the natural state of my materials. Felt, as an expressive medium, is conducive to an instinctive and spontaneous creative process. 

Felting is an underestimated and underrepresented craft in the art world. My mission is to show the possibilities of applying handmade felt in interior designs, to find the audience for this craft, and to break the boundary between craft and fine art.

I've been teaching felt making on all levels since 2005 and leading Felt Tours to Hungary annually since 2016. I live and work in Seattle, WA.

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