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Nunofelt Mosaic Scarf Class
nuno scarf mosaic rs.JPG
mosaic nuno scarf rs.JPG

We are all fascinated by the rich texture that can be achieved using nunofelt technique and love the pieces
that work either as home décor or wearable art, betraying nothing about the process.
How to achieve those rich textures on felt?
How to layer materials to create visual depth on the fabric?
How to create different surfaces using the same silk fabrics?
How to think and work in reverse, building your design backwards to secure your design?
What other materials can be incorporated?
In this workshop we’ll discover possibilities beyond the basic nunofelting technique. I will show you
many of the techniques I use to layer and enrich the surface. We’ll discuss and learn how to create smooth
color transitions in felt, and how to create visual color blending and explore all kinds of materials we can
incorporate into the felt.

Class Length: 6 hr

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