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Small Felt Bags and Fanny Packs
fanny packs 1 rs.jpg
big fanny pack 2.wm.jpg
blue fanny pack 2.jpg

Bags are always challenging in design and can be complicated felting therefore this is one of the projects you can learn the most about constructional felt making. Bags have to have enough pockets, the right closures, the right size, the right depth, the seamless strap etc. Come and design your own fanny pack and learn:

how to make the template

how to enlarge it to the right size

how to mix different qualities of wool fibers for the best result

how to work around the resist templates to make several pockets

how to attach seamless straps and embellishments to your fanny pack

how to choose the right type of closure

how to full and shape the bag perfectly

By the end of the day you’ll have a unique bag designed to your personal needs and all the skills you need to create more independently!

Class length:  2 x 6 hr

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