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How To Fix That Hopeless Problem? 
Troubleshooting Techniques in Feltmaking 

In this workshop the instructor gathered a variety of felt-saving techniques, that are usually the highlights of her different workshops. Several tools and techniques will be introduced for troubleshooting accidents of all kinds, that might happen during felt making.

When to use bubble wrap, when to use a rug liner, when to use a drop-cloth or sheer curtain or a cotton sheet in felt making? Have you ever felted a piece and you thought it wasn’t successful? Did the silk not stick to the wool? Did you cut the wrong side of the slippers and not know how to fix it? Are the edges of the felt ruffly and uneven? Did the embellishments separate from the felt? Did the design not turn out the way it was planned? Did your felt not shrink to the planned size? Have you ever started a project but did not really have the time to finish up, and you need a little more guiding? Is there more potential in your piece, but you don`t know how to bring the most out of it? All of your questions will be answered in this one day workshop, and you`ll also learn the answers of the other felt buddies questions, too!

Bring your unfinished/unsuccessful piece(s) to the class, along with a list of your questions! We’ll group the items with similarities and discuss all the possibilities to save the piece(s) and give it/them a new life. After the group discussion everyone get’s to work on their own item(s), with more one-on-one counseling. We’ll take photos of the projects at the beginning and at the end of the class.  

Class length: 6 hrs

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